What are the requirements for phpMyFAQ 2.0?

You will need

  • PHP 4.3.3 or later
  • MySQL 4.0 or better or any other supported database
  • any Webserver

For the client side you should use a current webbrowser with enabled JavaScript because of the usage of TinyMCE as WYSIWYG editor and Prototype for new Ajax-powered features in the backend.

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2007-02-24 08:24
Thorsten Rinne
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Comment of Anynynous:
The title should be reformulated. One doesn't "need requirements".

What do I need to run ... show morephpMyFAQ 2.0?
What are the requirements for phpMyFAQ 2.0?

Added at: 2006-12-10 02:59

Comment of jasondon:
Added at: 2007-05-21 08:42

Comment of Tim Thorp:
I love the interface of phpMyFaq, but am concerned about the required registered globals and safe ... show moremode settings. Will future upgrades allow both settings to be turned on?
Added at: 2007-07-16 15:02