How do I log in?

If you want to login to the administration backend, enter the following URL into your browser:

Enter your username, password and submit. There you are.

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2006-08-18 17:22
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Comment of Brad:
You know, it would be somewhat helpfull to, I don't know, have an Admin link somewhere ... show moreon the program...
Added at: 2007-02-26 21:29

Comment of Mark:
The login page accepts the (correct!) username/password and then reloads the home page. However, am ... show morenot logged into the site. Cookies are allowed. The admin login functioned fine in the past. Also likely related: Attempting to add a new user for testing. The registration page submits but never completes. IOW, the page displays 'Saving ...' and never actually completes.
Added at: 2014-08-22 11:30