How to cut and paste text in FAQs when using Firefox.

Danny Weiss
2015-06-23 11:06

Because of minor interface issues between Firefox and the WYSIWYG text editor module used in phpMyFAQ, users have found some anomalies when trying to cut and paste text to and from the editor when creating or editing FAQ entries.  Specifically, they are unable to cut and paste text using the standard commands to do so.  The instructions here will solve that issue, although the solution must be implemented separately within each Firefox installation that is used to edit the content on phpMyFAQ by making a minor change to Firefox’s configuration. 

Please note, this solution works with Firefox for Windows, but has not been tested on any other OS.  Likewise, this may also work with other versios of phpMyFAQ, but it has only been tested on version 2.8.22.

The complete instructions for the Firefox modifications are provide in the following article:

The procedures on that page will solve the cut and paste issue on a user-by-user basis for all Firefox users willing to make a small change in their own Firefox configuration.  For FAQ administrators, this is an easy and safe modification to make to your Firefox installation, since it will only change the browser's behavior when viewing your own phpMyFAQ site.  As discussed in the article linked above, you will add some code to the "user.js" file on your personal system and specifically identify your phpMyFAQ site’s URL in the code where the article shows ""  Just replace the site domain in that term with your own and also be sure to properly specify either "http" or "https" or both and you will be done.


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