Spell checking FAQ entries when using Firefox.

Danny Weiss
2015-06-23 11:35

When creating or editing FAQ entries with Firefox, the browser’s real time spell checker does not work.  In part, this is due to a configuration parameter in the WYSIWYG editor used in phpMyFAQ.  However, it is possible to make improperly spelled words show up as such upon entry or when editing, although you still will not have the proposed correction options normally shown by Firefox.  

To do this, make the following change to the tiny_mce.js file which is in the phpMyFAQ /admin/editor directory.   Search for the term: "spellcheck=false" (no quotes) and change it to: "spellcheck=true."

Note, since the tiny_mce.js file, as provided in the phpMyFAQ software package, is displayed essentially as a single line of code when pulled into a text editor, the term "spellcheck=false" is a little difficult to find.  The best way to locate it is probably to use your editor's Search or Find function.  

Alternatively, you can try to go directly to the term's position in the code at a specific line number and column;  in my copy of the file, in phpMyFAQ ver. 2.8.22, I found the term at a point shown by my editor as Line 1, position 156,668.  I believe that specific position identifier will be valid for most of the recent releases of phpMyFAQ, but it is possible that the code for the tiny_mce.js file was different in some previous version, so you may get different results.  Likewise, the tiny_mce.js code could be modified in the future, again changing the exact position, so the search function may be the easiest option.  Keep in mind that the tiny_mce.js code is provided to phpMyFAQ by other developers, so the phpMyFAQ team is not responsible for it.

This modification will benefit any of a site's users with editorial access (the ability to write or edit FAQ material on your system), but it remains only a partial solution: it identifies errors in real time but does not provide all of the correction options that Firefox is capable of. 



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