Add a page using the PMF Template framework

Matteo Scaramuccia
2014-07-13 19:19

It's easy:

  1. Build a template file and call it e.g. test.tpl and place it in the template/ folder:
        <!-- Start Test Content -->
        <!-- End Test Content -->
  2. Build a PHP file called e.g. test.php (the base name must match with that of the template file) and save it in the root of phpMyFAQ:
    $tpl->processTemplate ('writeContent', array(
                                'testTitle'     => $testTitle,
                                'testContent'   => $testContent
    $tpl->includeTemplate('writeContent', 'index');
  3. Register the variable e.g. "test" in inc/constants.php in the array $allowedVariables;
  4. Now you can access the new test page via index.php?action=test.


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